Yard Sale Signs

A lot of people don’t understand how important signs can be for a yard sale. Below you will read some yard sale signs tips, which should get you the most people when you do a sale.

People that want to go to yard sales will usually drive around the neighborhood, following the signs they see. These people are all potential customers, willing to give you cash, in exchange for things that you no longer want. Ideally, they should have no problem finding your yard sale and this where the yard sale signs come in play.

Yard Sale SignsIf you want your yard sale to be as successful as it can be, you should take into consideration the place where you put your yard sale signs and how you make them.

Keep in mind that a sale sign needs to resist the outdoor elements for a few days. You should select a material that will be able to stand up to rain and wind. If the sale sign becomes unreadable because of the elements, the main purpose of the sign isn’t met. It will cause you to lose some of the sales, so the sign’s ability to attract customers even in bad weather is very important.

In most cases, people tend to use signs made out of paper sheets, but their problem is that they are affected by the rain and they fold when the wind attacks them. Another problem is that these sheets are usually too small to be seen from cars that are moving.

One other material used often for yard sale signs is the poster board. This one is much stronger than a sheet of paper and is also found in a bigger size. Unfortunately, it’s still affected by rain or wind.

One other material which can be used is the corrugated cardboard. It will offer you extra resistance to wind compared with posterboard or paper, but rain still affects them.

Corrugated plastic sheets are the best materials you can use for yard sale signs. They resist rain without problems and the wind can’t affect them easily either.

Besides the material which is used, another important thing to consider is the size of the yard sale signs. You might be tempted to use those cheap yard signs that have the 11” by 8 ½ inch size, but you shouldn’t. Those signs can’t be read by people from moving cars. You need to stop the car if you want to be able to read them.

Ideally, you should make yard sale signs that are 17” by 11” inches, or bigger. You should talk with the authorities from your area, to find out if there is a size limit on the yard sale signs you can place. Most of these areas will allow signs that are up to four sq. feet in size.

Another possible restriction is on the number of signs you can place, to promote your yard sale. This is another point that should be checked with the authorities. If you place the maximum number of signs, you get the most people to your yard sale. You should place signs for your yard sale in all intersections that lead to your place, plus to a few sales that are a bit farther away from you. In an intersection with four ways, you will need three signs, showing the way to the fourth one.