Revitalizing Slow Real Estate Sales

When you put real estate on the market, you always dream of it selling in a matter of days or weeks at your asking price. It seldom happens that way, even in today’s markets, where homes are so in demand. You can often sell a house within a few months, but you usually end up negotiating somewhat on the price.

But what if you’ve had your real estate on the market for months and you just aren’t getting any offers? You may end up biting your nails as you realize that you are still making mortgage payments and not making any money on property you may not be using. Of course, if you’re living in your home and had considered moving simply to make a profit and move up to a larger place, you can always take the property off the market and wait until it takes an upswing. One thing about real estate – if it goes down, it will go up again.

A relatively small investment in cosmetic improvements can also improve the odds that your house will sell. If you’re handy at this type of thing, even better. You’ll save the cost of contractors. Professional cleaning, a fresh coat of paint and a few carefully chosen decorative accessories can update the whole feel of a house, which will make it much more attractive to buyers.

Even small details like an attractive wreath on the door and large potted plants on the porch or flanking the door will give the impression that you’ve cared for the property – and well maintained means a better offer and more interested buyers.

Rethink your asking price if your real estate has been on the market too long. Talk to the neighbors and check out some other properties for sale in the area. Compare what each of them offers and the relative price differences. Also talk to prospective buyers who have passed on your property. Ask them to be honest – what turned them off? What changes might have induced them to make an offer? You may discover that a relatively inexpensive change could add substantial value in the eyes of home shoppers.

If you still have problem selling, consider taking the property off the market for a while rather than dropping the price more than once. Although it is purely psychological, many people don’t like the idea that the house has been sitting around on the market and not sold – it makes them suspicious that there must be something wrong with it they just aren’t seeing. On the other hand, if you take it off the market for a few months, it will appear as a new listing – fresh and ready to go.